Founded in 1970 as a dental X-Ray solutions business in southern California, Microcopy has existed under the mindset of creating innovations for efficient, safe and simple dentistry for nearly 50 years. Our founders, father and son, Thom Maass Sr. and Thom Maass Jr. had this mentality in mind when they released the first Microcopy products INSTA-NEG and INSTA-FIX. Whereas it used to take up to five minutes to develop X-ray film, with INSTA-NEG and INSTA-FIX it only took a matter of seconds. At the time this was amazing, and INSTA-NEG and INSTA-FIX both completely improved the processing of dental X-rays.

The following year in 1971, under Thom Maass Sr.’s leadership, Microcopy released INSTA-VELOPER. This was a portable darkroom designed for chairside X-ray processing-no darkroom required! That same year we also released FLAPS (originally marketed as being s-o-o-o soft) digital X-Ray cushioned bite tabs which are still sold to this day. Microcopy also released TROLLMOUNTS, at the time, a superior film mounting system. From the very early years Microcopy’s new innovations that simplified dentistry became the driving force behind the company.